MD Kerr

Rope of Words

The golden valley only opened once a year and when it shut, only the tiniest chink remained. She had to leave to travel the maze, but she was afraid of losing him, so she knitted a rope of words – all their favourites, linked together: heliotrope ~ nugget ~ putative ~ refractory ~ monger ~ wangle ~ farrier ~ ether ~ rive ~ reagent ~ expiate ~ spume ~ cranny ~ sluice ~ erudite ~ calyx ~ bolt ~ hoarfrost ~ eidolon ~ bracken ~ kyrie... He tied it around one of his ribs (precarious pressed tightly against skein) and gave her the other end to reel out as she walked. The title of their story was going to be, The Lovers Held Together By Words...

Rope of Words is a magical-realist love story about a woman who lost her words and her love. It came first in the British Fantasy Society short story competition 2012 and was first published in the January 2013 issue of the BFS Journal. In July 2014, it was published as a limited edition artist's book, hand-bound with full-colour illustrations, launched at Art in Action. It was on exhibition at the Wantage Betjeman Literary Festival in October 2015 and on display at the Oxford Fine Press Fair 2015.

To read more, see the illustrations, and order a copy, visit the Rope of Words website.


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