MD Kerr

Day 8

Free verse: I think I've got it already, thanks

Handwritten poem

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Your dream home has the room
with underwater bougeanvillea and that song
you can only hear underwater.
It has the London land-bridge linked to Paris
or, if you turn right,
three bars in the shady part of Cape Town,
each dingier, darker, and diviner than the last
with very red light and spilt tequila.
Our tiles will turn those tired rooms into
your dream home!
Faux broken plaster, faux chipped paint
leading up tight stairs to dark colourful rooms,
some of the doors on the ceiling,
and down two storeys, somewhere to the left.
the long-lost house you love decays;
the tree beside it throws seedy silhouettes against the sky.
Create the house of your dreams!
Our handy app lets you instantly visualize
the thing that stands in the corner of bedrooms, waiting.
The red-dust road lined with mielie crips in probably-near-Durban.
The great white the size of a house slamming its glass walls.
The jellyfish children you forgot you had, withered on stools.
Send us before-and-after pictures, win back the cost!
Imagine your dream study, where
you scavenge lost materials to teach students you didnít expect
while people try to serve them eggs and
your brother-in-law coaches children in your dream kitchen.
These cool Moroccan tiles will create your dream bedroom
where you fuck unlikely people and nobly refuse
the tongue you want between your thighs
and cogently explain to a client how
everything is normal.
Buy our tiles! Live the life of your dreams!
Confused, lustful, full of sudden terrors
and far too many toilets at times,
and never ending up where it began
or for the reasons that it started out with.

Thanks to for the prompt to write a poem incorporating the argot of a particular profession, and a dozen tile companies for promising me this terrifying but ultimately already realised prospect. The Moroccan tiles are actually quite cool.


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