MD Kerr

NaPoWriMo 2020

A poem a day for the month of April

I've been writing a poem a day since April 2018, give or take a month's break a year, when NaPoWriMo got me hooked on the practice. Like last year, I'm sharing my poems – here, and also on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and SoundCloud, all raw and wriggling, the way Gollum likes his fish! As with all the poems, they're #FreeForPoets if you want to riff off them for your own.

I'm also creating NaPoWriMo prompts over on The Writers' Greenhouse, with a lovely array of poetic forms and content ideas. Enjoy!

Listen on SoundCloud: NaPoWriMo 2020 playlist

>> FIRST POEM IN NaPoWriMo 2020

Day 1: Walk into Town | Day 2: Haiku | Day 3: Jericho Tavern | Day 4: A dream | Day 5: A moment on the bridge | Day 6: Bridge of Sighs | Day 7: Tavern of Dreams | Day 8: Villanelle for an Octant | Day 9: Spring 2020, after Mondrian | Day 10: A plant responds | Day 11: My usual walk | Day 12: Flirty triolet | Day 13: It | Day 14: Chant for Broad Street | Day 15: Pilgrim's Chorus | Day 16: If you're reading this, this is about you | Day 17: Lunes for singing lessons | Day 18: Small pleasures | Day 19: Irritated Sestina| Day 20: Portico | Day 21: The Little Mermaid | Day 22: Impossible machine| Day 23: Hear the Word | Day 24: For Alison | Day 25: In the woods | Day 26: Confused triolet | Day 27: A nightmare | Day 28: Kennings on the Isis | Day 29: New build | Day 30: Rondeau returns

See the new NaPoWriMo poems as they pop up, complete with pics of the handwritten drafts, and suggest titles for them, via whatever social media you call home:

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making my poems #FreeForPoets to write hybrid poemsAll my poems on this site are now #FreeForPoets to play with, to write hybrid forms such as glosas, coupling poems, golden shovels, acrostics, centos, and erasures. Full permissions here: #FreeForPoets.