MD Kerr

If you're reading this, this is about you


Text of the poem

All a-babble, catching the light in your hair, your
murmur soothing the streets
better than holiday waves on sand: every
idiosyncratic face of you brighter than dandelions,
every entire person wrapped in history and
nonchanlantly lapped in mystery, striding, strolling, or
trudging past my coffee-laden, tree-shaded
perch: you are galaxies of
existence, youíre awash with life, you are
only ever your own surprising self and even your
pores sing with presence: each scrap of clothes and
lilt of voice is humming with your individual gleam:
everyone. Thatís what I miss. Everyone.

Thanks to The Writers' Greenhouse for the prompt to write about a favourite word and for the prompt to write effusive praise.

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