MD Kerr

For Alison

Loose Trenta sei

Text of the poem

The last time that I saw you
you bought me market jewellery
cheaper than you wanted
a string of symbol suns
and later on you taught me
the sound of purple rain.

You bought me market jewellery
in scorching winter sunshine.
The dust we scuffed was glowing
between the waxy colurs:
batik and homemade candles,
and then I saw a bracelet

cheaper than you wanted.
Youd buy me gold and silver.
You said, Youre just like Mima!
(Your mum, my glitzy grandma)
I loved her costume jewellery;
the bracelet, though, was real:

a string of symbol suns
to carry into England
where summer sun is thin
(before I learnt its fragrant)
a talisman of heat
and endless smiling sky.

And later on, you taught me
how bodies can be tricksy:
your insides, upside down;
my own, inflamed and round
you live with what youre given.
Im glad I got your beauty.

The sound of purple rain
is Highveld thunder-lightning:
the rains return in summer.
I keep the broken bracelet,
pretend the sun is scorching,
youre smiling, and alive.

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