MD Kerr

New build

Treochair (with errors!)

Text of the poem

Warning sign:
its faded yell, brambles twine

rusting gates.
Beyond, broken tar bristles
with weeds, waits

for lost cars,
bleak and black. Opposite, the
Royal Legion Club is bars

on greyed glass.
A sun-bleached sign sold breakfast,
once. Years pass.

On one side,
a cosy road burbles light;
past it, pub lights and laughs glide

on the green:
but first you must pass through the
unloved sudden dark between.

Its soft, here:
woods, water, meadows, and wild
flowers. Were not used to fear.

So yes, build
the people-places, tear tar
and bleak brick. Let it be filled

with faces
bright as dandelions under
new lamps, leaving new traces

of voices
in the warm night air: the green
welcomes you and rejoices.

Thanks to The Writers' Greenhouse for the prompt to write a treochair – I keep thinking the last line of each stanza should be 3 syllables, not 7, so two of the stanzas need fixing! And thanks to Words for the Wild for their call for submissions on "New Builds".

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