MD Kerr

A dream

Golden shovel

Text of the poem

O Lyric Love, half-angel and half-bird,
And all a wonder and a wild desire
— Robert Browning

Only the rich colours and the feeling like a perfect O,
circling contentment, remain – like a snatched song lyric
earworming through the day, a chord change you love
but can’t hear without its surrounding bars. I’m half
there still, spilling generous bounty (what?), an angel
of hedonism. I’d heaped the table with… something… and
you were all invited. Maybe steaming dark gold and
green curries? Barrels of wine? Or like a nesting bird,
making moss-and-down softness for sex to follow and
my own soft flesh and juice the gift? Or maybe all
the world’s best paintings, songs, and poems crowded in a
riotous colourful heap on my table, for you. I wonder
if Chagall, Rousseau, Sunetsu, Bruegel the Elder and
Caulfield fed the dream its colours – I’d made a
collage of them, before. But whatever it was, in the wild
place of dreams, I gave you whatever you desire.

Thanks to for the prompt to write about a dream image and The Writers' Greenhouse for the prompt to use a quote about wonder and a golden shovel.

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