MD Kerr

Spring 2020, after Mondriaan

Concrete Poem

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plum blossom

wild garlic &

comfrey, white

dead nettle†††††††

†vibernum are

hands rough with washing and traffic-light face

glowing grease: stress pounds the blood so the

pores pour: palms slick: whereís the blood in

all this death, I donít understand (we none of

us understand, not in hearts, only logic, that

smaller than pollen, a tiny living thing is now

freed, killing us bloodlessly) but we are made of

blood like cloudy sunsets, the red pulsing of our

invisible silence, the first tulips pulsing between

our forgotten footsteps, holed up in houses like

hearts inside ribs: here, I made you a person out

of a rib, said God: people need people, but now

white, light,

virile, virgin

pure, pallid,

colourless &

gleaming, all

the colours on

sky, bluebells,

green alkanet

speedwells &


at dawn and dusk, clear days, the horizon

empties its colour: the light flies clean &

free of atmosphere, it seems: albedo and

albumen of day/nightís beginning & grow






Mondrian's Composition with Red Blue and Yellow

Thanks to for the prompt to write a concrete poem, Robert Lee Digest for the prompt to write ekphrasis (about art), and The Writers' Greenhouse for the prompt to write about spring. This poem uses Mondrian's Composition with Red Blue and Yellow (1930).

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