MD Kerr

I write literary slipstream (literary fiction with a fantastical edge), magical realism, science fiction, and poetry. I've recently completed a literary slipstream novel, The Artist and the Mathematician, and am currently working on The Ships of Oxford.



Cover image: The Artist and the Mathematician The Artist and the Mathematician

"The sketch she thinks she’s seeing should be 6058 miles away. She hasn’t been sleeping, again, and memory deceives. She walks to the next painting, holding her glass with exaggerated care in case she crushes or drops it." READ AN EXCERPT

Cover image: Dark Matters Dark Matters

"Burn your mind with contradiction like a brand. Don’t think you can smooth it over with a pat explanation, or it wouldn’t be paradox. Don’t think you can sit and contemplate it like a fat man under a tree and get around it that way. It has to hurt: it’s two ideas at war." published in Astrologica, 2013

Cover image: Rope of Words Rope of Words

Winner of the 2012 British Fantasy Society short story competition "The golden valley only opened once a year and when it shut, only the tiniest chink remained. She had to leave to travel the maze, but she was afraid of losing him, so she knitted a rope of words..." published in The BFS Journal, Winter 2012 and now a fine printed limited-edition book with full-colour illustrations.

Cover image: These Things Do HappenThese things do happen

"Certain things are simply, embarrassingly, true. All the clichés have a foundation, somewhere and some time, in plain objective fact." published in Open by Oshun Books, 2008

Cover image: The TravellersThe Travellers

"In the early days of travel, they held mock-funerals, to help travellers cope with the loss, but what's the point? Lots of people slip out of your life forever, whether you travel or not." published in New Writing 2007



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making my poems #FreeForPoets to write hybrid poemsAll my poems on this site are now #FreeForPoets to play with, to write hybrid forms such as glosas, coupling poems, golden shovels, acrostics, centos, and erasures. Full permissions here: #FreeForPoets.